COVID 19 Coronavirus Update

As we navigate through this extraordinary time, our concern is the health and safety of our clients and our staff.

Effective Wednesday, March 18th, all employees will be working remotely. We have made this decision to ensure continuity of service and protect the health and safety of our clients, employees, their families and their communities.  All conversations with clients will now take place via email or phone. We can be reached through our normal phone numbers and emails.

We expect minimal disruption in our business services during this time, though we anticipate a manageable adjustment period as we – and the nation – adapt to a “new normal” as we collectively deal with COVID 19 Coronavirus.  All of our employees are expected to remain responsive to your needs and your existing points of contact will not change.

We appreciate your partnership and business, as well as your flexibility and patience during the unprecedented time.  We look forward to the continued opportunity to serve you.

Thank you.

Erica Davis – President

Employee Contact Information


Phone Number

Email Address

Andrea Bloom 941-412-2009
Chris Massey 941-412-2007
Christina Boraggina 941-966-5606 x0
Danielle Olson 941-412-2013
Donna Brasch 941-412-2042
Debbi Casella 941-412-2044
Deborah Savick 941-412-2004
Diane Giordano 941-412-2048
Erica Davis 941-412-2001
Erin Katsarelas 941-412-2012
Irene Gifford 941-412-2043
Jacki Snook 941-412-2005
Jodie Bocchino 941-412-2020
Joe Giordano 941-412-2019
Kelli Calpe 941-412-2006
Lexi Casella 941-412-2041
Lisa Turner 941-412-2045
Melissa Davis 941-412-2002
Rae Phillips 941-412-2003
Summer Coffey 941-412-2008
Tanner Hagen 941-412-2047
Trevor Davis 941-412-2049