Condo & Homeowners Associations

Insurance Service of Sarasota specializes in association and apartment insurance; we currently handle more than 250 associations.

Property Policies
Coverage for the replacement (not market) value of all association buildings, miscellaneous structures and contents.

Liability Policies
Protection for the association should it become liable to others for their negligent acts which cause injury or property damage.

Director/Officer Policies
These are designed to protect the board of directors of non-profit associations.

State law requires fidelity coverage for the president, treasurer, manager, secretary and all check signers.

Umbrella Policies

This is an inexpensive way to increase underlying liability protection.

Other policies to consider:

  • Donated volunteer labor
  • Glass
  • Windstorm
  • Boiler & machinery
  • Workers compensation
  • Flood
Insurance Service of Sarasota clients can expect:

1. Coverage will be explained in layman’s terms
2. Personalized service by a specialized account representative
3. Certificates of insurance are produced within one business day
4. Claims handling within the office
5. Property evaluation services
6. Topic-specific seminars (in our office or yours)
7. We will insure association unit owners for the coverage plans they prefer

Give us a call; we’ll transform your association needs into one coverage package that will deliver the best value available.

Please contact us for a quote, general information or information on available discounts.