Commercial Flood Insurance

Floods are the #1 natural disaster

Three disturbing trends have diminished the land’s natural ability to absorb water:

  • Changing weather patterns
  • Mass development in urban areas
  • Deforestation

Business owners are forced to rely on inadequate drainage systems to keep their property from flooding.
Flood losses can occur in any flood zone.  Zones A & V are considered special flood hazard areas, and are exposed to storm surge from the Gulf and rivers.  Zones B, C, & X are considered non-special flood hazard areas.  When slow moving storms impact a region, heavy rains saturate the ground and fill drainage systems in excess of their capacity creating a flood.  These storms can impact all flood zones whether hazard or non-hazard.  Be prepared.

Don’t wait until the rain starts falling; call today

The National Flood Insurance program has a standard 30 day wait on new policies.  Call to see if you qualify for the new commercial preferred risk.

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